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Can I Make things?

We believe that for the under fives the most important thing is for them to feel confident that they belong within our home and that they are comfortable in their surroundings and from this they will thrive in their social, emotional and intellectual development. We have lots of free play opportunities and also plan activities on a weekly basis which will enhance the children’s play experience and provide a stimulating environment for them to choose from.

The children will be encourage to take part in exploring creative activities, many where there will be no end product (however we will share photographs of such activities with you) and many with masterpieces to share at home.

We have a large range of toys available to the children on a daily basis and they are free to choose anything they wish to play and we try to encourage the children to tidy away anything they have finished with before getting something new out! We try to plan along a theme and will resource the rooms with extra equipment to play with alongside our continuous provision for example throughout our Winter theme we created an igloo made from recycled milk bottles in the Lounge in which the children could Role play, create puppet shows, read books or just chat with friends.