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What will I get up to?

Weekly outings will form an important aspect of the regular activities, whether it be a toddler groups,trip to the park, the library, playcentres or the local garden centre. We like to go out and about most mornings with the children and feel it is more stimulating for the children to visits lots of different environments and become part of the wider community in which we live.

The cost of any such activities will be covered in your fees and a risk assessment of the surroundings prior to visiting with children.  Sometimes we do extra special trips such as the Pantomime, Safari Park, Zoo or maybe Chill Factor.  We may ask for a contribution towards this.

On Wednesday mornings we host a weekly Theatre Tots class within the setting and the children love taking part in these sessions which combine drama, dance and movement.

We also plan lots of stimulating play activities for the children to take part in which are planned around the areas of the EYFS and are aimed to give the children the chance to explore a wide range of learning opportunities.